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Sport and pressure: hypertension

Hypertension, or arterial hypertension, characterized by pressure, which is constantly kept at elevations above 140/90 mm Hg. Art., – a condition rather widespread, especially among middle-aged people. Is it possible at the same time to play sports and what kinds of it to choose, so as not to harm?

What will help sport
Doctors say that in case of hypertension it is not only possible but necessary to go in for sports. Physical activity can help reduce pressure, and if you exercise regularly, you can even do without drugs.

What do training give?

Strengthens the heart and blood vessels.
The body gets more oxygen.
Muscles are maintained in good shape.

All this leads to a gradual normalization of pressure, and in addition, the excess weight goes away, the state of health improves, the mood rises, and the efficiency increases.

The main thing – to choose the right kind of loads and not overdo it, so as not to harm.

Pressure pressure discord
There are three stages of hypertension:

Stage 1 – 140–160 / 90–100 mmHg Art.
Stage 2 – 160–180 / 100–110 mm Hg. Art.
Stage 3 – above 180/110 mm Hg. Art.
Each stage has its own indications and contraindications for certain sports. Immediately, we note that the 3rd stage of hypertension is a serious condition, fraught with the development of heart attacks, strokes, damage to the kidneys, eyes and other serious pathologies. Therefore, with this pathology physical exercise is prohibited. You can do only special breathing exercises.

What can and can not
With hypertension, the choice of sports is quite wide. This cardio, jogging or walking, swimming, skiing, yoga and many other activities. There are also special complexes of physiotherapy, designed for people with high blood pressure.
But from weightlifting, strength exercises should be abandoned, as they contribute to an increase in pressure.

Before starting classes, you should consult with your doctor.

First, choosing a sport, you must consider the stage of the disease. So, at the 1st stage, you can practice almost all kinds of sports, except power. And at the 2nd stage, it is better to eliminate running, you should be careful about aerobics. For these people fit yoga, walking, including Nordic walking.

Secondly, as a rule, hypertensive patients have other diseases: obesity, diabetes, angina pectoris. They also need to be considered when starting a sporting activity.

And, of course, only the doctor, taking into account all the features of the patient, can advise the appropriate type of classes and their intensity.

Do no harm
In order for the classes to be fun and beneficial, you must adhere to the following rules:

You can do it only after normalization of pressure with the help of drugs. If the pressure is high, classes should be postponed.

During the exercises it is necessary to control the pulse. It should not exceed the limit values, which are calculated by the formulas:

209–0.9 × В – for women;
214–0.8 × В – for men,
where B is age.

If the pulse will exceed these values, or there will be a strong shortness of breath, or the state of health will deteriorate sharply, the exercises should be immediately stopped.

During the workout you need to drink water in sufficient quantities. With active exercises, it is necessary to drink 300-400 ml of water for 1 hour of training. You need to drink clean water, in small portions and in small sips: about 100 ml every 15 minutes. It is not recommended to drink in the process, for example, running. Stop, wait a minute and take a few sips. After the class you should drink as much water, also in fractional portions for an hour.

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