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From one time there will be nothing, or how drug addiction is formed

It usually begins with the “innocent” weed – marijuana. New sensations are so interesting. And then, everyone is indulging in her – and nothing. Someone stops in time, while others retract (dependence is formed easily). Then you want to try something new, and the person switches to Ecstasy and other similar drugs. And the last stage – hard drugs – heroin, cocaine. Hard drugs are hard because it’s enough one time to get hooked on them. But to get free, to return to normal life is extremely difficult. The most terrible drug is heroin.

A bit of history
Opium poppy and similar plants are known for a long time. Even in ancient times, people used dried poppy juice – opium – for medical purposes. He had a calming and soporific effect.

In the XIX century, the active substance was isolated from opium and gave it the name morphine after the name of the Greek god of sleep Morpheus. Morphine is widely used in military surgery for pain relief during operations. But it turned out that if a person is administered this drug daily for two weeks, then he develops a strong dependence and he becomes a drug addict.

Opium poppy
To eliminate this undesirable effect, scientists began to experiment with morphine. As a result, based on it, a new substance was obtained that acted 10 times stronger, which means that it was required 10 times less. He was given the name “heroic pain killer” or “heroin.” However, it turned out that addiction to heroin also occurs much faster. In fact, the dependence is formed from the first use of the drug.

How the addiction is formed
In the human body, endorphins are produced – substances that are similar in action to opiates. They work in two directions: they block weak pain and control the emotional state, causing a feeling of euphoria.

Opioids act in a similar way, but much stronger. So, they do not allow any painful impulses to the brain and spinal cord – neither weak, nor strong, nor the most powerful. This ensures the anesthetic effect of drugs. Similarly, they act on the center of control of positive emotions, causing great euphoria.

Feeling of happiness
But the trouble is that replacing endorphins with themselves, they disrupt the work of the pain control system and the system of positive emotions. Gradually, the number of endorphins decreases, and then the system simply ceases to act.

How does heroin work?
The scheme of action of heroin is as follows: a person receives a dose and in the first minutes experiences an incredibly thrill, similar to orgasm. Then comes relaxation, a feeling of comfort and satisfaction. After that, a few hours the addict comes to his senses and returns to the real world.

In the absence of a regular dose, on average 10 hours after taking the drug, withdrawal syndrome develops – withdrawal. Since natural endorphins do not work, a person has severe pain. Addicts describe them as “the whole body is burning,” “pulling out pieces of meat.” This, by the way, is a characteristic feature of heroin addiction – intense pain in abstinence syndrome. At the same time, a person experiences severe depression, anxiety, and fear. The whole world appears to him in black, he does not have a single positive emotion.

Loneliness, sadness
Along with this, vegetative symptoms develop: palpitations, chills, lacrimation, sweating.

Such breaking can last for 2–3 weeks, and residual effects last for several months.

It is clear that the heroin addict is ready for anything to remove the pain and get rid of the feeling of fear.

Is it possible to recover from drug addiction
If we are talking about heroin addiction, then it is very difficult to recover from it and this can be done only in the clinic. The duration and effectiveness of treatment depends on the “experience” of the patient, and on his physical condition. But the main condition for success is the strong desire of the addict himself. Nevertheless, the threat of disruption remains with a person for life.

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