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Will the body recover if you give up alcohol?

Alcohol destroys human health. With the constant use of alcohol, all organs suffer, especially the liver, pancreas and brain.

What happens to a drinker liver?
As you know, alcohol is processed in the liver. Under the action of ethyl alcohol, hepatocytes – liver cells – capture fat, which is then transferred back to the blood.But this happens if alcohol enters the liver only occasionally. If the alcohol enters the body constantly and in sufficient quantities, the fat remains in the liver cells. There is alcoholic fatty hepatosis, and then cirrhosis. In the end, most liver cells are reborn into adipose tissue, and the liver is unable to perform its functions. Hepatic failure occurs, and then the death of the patient.

Fortunately, our liver has a high capacity for regeneration and itself produces new cells to replace the dead. But at one “wonderful” moment, it ceases to cope with large doses of alcohol.

Cirrhosis of the liver
The most unpleasant thing that a person does not notice for a long time is that his liver is already damaged, since he does not feel any special pain. Acute symptoms appear when the patient has already developed cirrhosis or a malignant tumor.

How the brain reacts to alcohol
During alcohol consumption, the balance between the processes of arousal and inhibition in the brain is shifted with a shift towards arousal. To remove this excitement, a person begins to drink, and a vicious circle is obtained. So there is a craving for alcohol, turning into alcohol dependence. And to get rid of it requires long-term treatment.

Is there a chance for the recovery of health in a drinking person
It all depends on the stage of alcoholism and on what changes have already occurred in the body, which in turn is determined by the “experience”, the doses of alcohol consumed, as well as the individual characteristics of the body.

In modern medicine, there are four stages of alcohol dependence.

In the initial, the first stage, when there is only a psychological dependence on alcohol, organic changes have not yet appeared, and only impaired functions of the body are observed, with complete abandonment of alcohol, one can almost completely restore health.

Alcohol addiction
At this stage, to give up alcohol is not too difficult and you can do it yourself, without medical assistance. A person can still stop drinking himself if he wants it.

If the disease has passed into the 2nd or 3rd stage, there are lesions in the structure of the internal organs, physical dependence on alcohol has developed, then it will not fully recover and partly the pathological changes will be irreversible.

The last, 4th stage of chronic alcoholism can be called a kind of “point of no return”. The patient has affected internal organs and irreversible changes have begun in the brain. In this stage, the delay in giving up alcohol and treating death is similar.

What does the hangover syndrome indicate
A hangover, or withdrawal syndrome, is a kind of withdrawal, the same as in drug users. After all, ethanol – the main component of alcoholic beverages – is also a drug. And if after the libations such unpleasant symptoms appear, such as headache, hand trembling, dry mouth, weakness, irritability, stomach upset, and after taking the next dose they pass, then this means that the alcoholism has passed into the 2nd stage. Now a person has already developed a physical dependence on alcohol, and he cannot cope with the disease himself.

Alcohol-dependent patients experience limb tremor.
And then everything will go on increasing with all the ensuing consequences: lesions of the liver, heart, blood vessels, brain, neurological disorders, etc.

The sooner a person gives up alcohol, the greater the likelihood that he will be able to recover with minimal losses.

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