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Sleep Disorders: Types of Disorder and Insomnia Cures

Good sleep is a guarantee of health and well-being. During sleep, the body rests, the immune system is restored, the information that a person receives while being awake is processed, the body’s cells are updated. We need sleep, like food and air. Man can not do without sleep. No wonder before one of the worst torture was to deprive of sleep.

For an average person, an average person needs to sleep 7–8 hours, although this time is very individual. Someone has enough four hours, and another ten will be enough.

Various sleep disorders result in poor health, fatigue, drowsiness, reduced attention. Constant lack of sleep is dangerous by the development of various disorders and disorders of body functions.

Speaking of sleep disorder, most often refer to insomnia, or, scientifically, insomnia. The inability to sleep, despite fatigue, can be caused by various reasons. Most often it is stress, emotional turmoil, anxiety, anxiety, scrolling in the head unsolved problems. Insomnia often develops out of fear … insomnia. A person is afraid that he will not be able to sleep, will not rest at night and will not be able to fully work the next day. He is trying to sleep, spinning on the bed, turning the pillow over, counting the sheep, but sleep is not.

Insomnia causes alcohol addiction
The second reasonably common cause of insomnia is abusing daytime sleep or excessive activity and, consequently, increased arousal in the evening, for example watching a thriller for the night.

Violation of the biological rhythms of sleep can also result in insomnia. For example, I did not lay down in my time: I really wanted to sleep, but I had to finish the work. As a result, I “overstated” and until the morning you can not sleep.

Insomnia can be caused by any disease, most often it is diseases of the cardiovascular system, neurological pathologies.

And finally, insomnia is a consequence of addiction to sleeping pills with addiction and cancellation. This can also be attributed to insomnia with alcohol dependence. In these cases, insomnia turns into an abstinence syndrome.

Other sleep disorders
Some people and eight, and ten hours of sleep is not enough. For a good rest, they need to sleep 12 hours or more, and at the same time they experience drowsiness during the day. This condition is called hypersomnia.

Bad dream
Hypersomnia is a much rarer phenomenon than insomnia. It can be caused by regular sleep deprivation and severe fatigue, and can also be a symptom of mental illness, brain damage, diseases of internal organs.

Another sleep disorder is parasomnia. It is characterized by abnormal human behavior during a night’s sleep. Parasomnias include nightmares with abrupt awakening, sleepwalking, sudden movements, screams or talking during sleep (without awakening), nocturnal enuresis, awakening at night in a state of tangled consciousness (“intoxicated” with sleep). The causes of these phenomena are rooted in neurological disorders, diseases of the central nervous system, head injuries, drug taking and alcoholism.

Insomnia Medications
Soothing drugs and sleeping pills will help fight sleep disorders.

The lightest are over-the-counter drugs that have a calming effect. They can be synthetic or based on medicinal plants. These are valerian (pills and tincture), valokordin, glycine, afobazole, doxylamine, hawthorn tincture or motherwort, persin, new-passit, various herbal preparations with a calming effect. All these tools are good because they are not addictive.

Do not take medication without a doctor’s prescription.
Sleeping pills – strong tools that have many contraindications and side effects and addictive. Only a doctor should prescribe them.

The main groups of sleeping pills are barbiturates (barbital, nembutal, reposal) and benzodiazepines (tazepam, kassadan, xanax).

If depression is the cause of insomnia, it is necessary to take anti-depressants, which the doctor also prescribes.

Even if you decide to take light sedatives, it is advisable to consult with your doctor before. Remember that even herbal preparations have contraindications and side effects. In addition, if insomnia is caused by a disease, then it is necessary to treat it, only sedatives in this situation are unlikely to help.

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