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Delicate problem: how to eat with hemorrhoids

Man is what he eats. Such a statement is attributed to the father of all medicine, the oldest healer Hippocrates. These views are fully shared by modern doctors. Not without reason diet tables are developed for the treatment of most diseases. One of the pathologies requiring nutrition correction is hemorrhoids.

Why is it necessary to observe a special diet for this disease? What does a hemorrhoid diet look like? And what will happen if you do not stick to the prescribed diet?

Why do I need a diet
Hemorrhoids are one of the varicose veins. It is characterized by a lesion of the veins localized in the rectal area and in the anus. With the progression of the disease decreases the elasticity of the venous walls. Gradually, the veins are drawn out. Appear characteristic hemorrhoids. Visually, they look like a bunch of grapes.

In these nodes, blood often stagnates. This leads to inflammation. A person is tormented by a burning sensation in the anus, pain appears. When you have a bowel movement, bleeding may occur. This is how the hemorrhoids aggravate. This stage is called acute. Hemorrhoids, recurrent, is called chronic.

The benefits of diet

Prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids people can not always. For example, pathology often appears in women after childbirth. But to protect the body from aggravation of man is quite capable. To reduce relapse, doctors recommend that the patient adhere to a special diet.

It is necessary to adhere to a diet during the whole time
Keeping a diet with hemorrhoids will allow to achieve the following results:

the intestine is constantly working correctly;
the stool is getting better (the patient is not tormented by constipation or diarrhea);
there is a mild defecation act (hemorrhoids are not damaged during bowel movements);
anal fissures do not occur;
healthy microflora is restored in the intestines;
normal patient weight;
immunity is strengthened;
normal blood circulation in the intestine.
It is necessary to adhere to special food not only at an exacerbation of hemorrhoids. If the patient keeps to a diet constantly, then he minimizes the number of recurrences of the pathology and protects himself from serious consequences.
What threatens to abandon the diet

Failure to follow a diet is a major factor leading to an exacerbation. It is noticed that the use of spicy food or alcohol contributes to the flow of blood to the veins located in the pelvis. Excessive stress on the weakened veins. Starts the active process of formation of pathological hemorrhoids.

Failure of the diet threatens to exacerbate the disease.
Unprofitable heavy and nourishing food. It is against the backdrop of insufficient fluid intake leads to constipation. Peristalsis of intestines worsens, microflora is disturbed. Constipation becomes chronic. Anal fissures and bleeding appear.

If the diet is not observed after hemorrhoids diagnosed by doctors, then the following serious consequences may develop:

heavy bleeding (they lead to persistent anemia, difficult to treat);
venous thrombosis;
infringement of hemorrhoids (if the patient is not provided with timely medical assistance, then tissue death is possible – necrosis);
paraproctitis (infection and suppuration of tissues located in the rectal area).
What does a diet look like?
Nutrition is aimed at achieving several important goals. These tasks are:

normalization of blood flow;
restoration of the proper functioning of the intestines (getting rid of constipation or diarrhea);
improve the elasticity of blood vessels.
7 rules of diet for hemorrhoids
7 rules of diet

Food for chronic hemorrhoids is based on the following principles:

Sufficient drinking mode. Insufficient use of water leads to hardening of the fecal masses. Peristalsis is worsening. Chyme is not able to move normally through the intestines. Hard fecal lumps damage the veins of the anal passage, can lead to cracks. Therefore, when hemorrhoids are very important to use a sufficient amount (about 2 liters per day) of clean water.
The use of fiber. It is dietary fibers that form the basis of nutrition. They are rich in vegetable products (pumpkin, beets, zucchini). Fiber provides an increase in fecal masses. Thanks to it, it is much easier to empty the intestines. Such products (due to pectins) have astringent and enveloping effects.
Diet. Doctors recommend not to overload the digestive tract. Therefore, it is necessary to eat food in small portions. This will reduce the pressure on the damaged walls of the anus. But you should eat often. The optimal regimen is 5-6 meals per day.
Semi-liquid food. It is completely undesirable to get involved in solid food. It causes pressure on the intestinal wall and provokes constipation. Semi-liquid food is preferred. Useful boiled porridge, vegetable soups, fruit smoothies, dairy products. Such a diet is especially relevant during exacerbation of hemorrhoids or during the postoperative period.
Thorough chewing. All food must be chewed well. Especially if you use solid food.

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