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Why headache in the morning?

Sometimes the day is not set in the morning. Headache threatens to completely disrupt the usual schedule. Such discomfort can torment periodically. But some people experience morning pain regularly. Why does the headache in the morning? The reasons for this discomfort are many. Usually they are associated with a wrong lifestyle.

5 common causes of headaches in the morning
Silently endure headaches categorically impossible. Doctors often remind of this. However, abuse of painkillers should not be. If the morning discomfort in the form of a splitting head periodically torments you, you should deal with its causes.

Lack of sleep
A person needs a normal rest. Night sleep should last at least 7-8 hours. Only in this case, the body is able to fully relax. Long-term lack of sleep leads to the launch of the mechanism of “trawl.” There is an increase in pulse rate, the pressure may increase. There is a persistent headache in the morning.

To get rid of pain, you can resort to the following activities:

take over-the-counter painkillers;
set aside 20–30 minutes at lunchtime and take a nap.
If headaches are disturbed regularly, then it is necessary to revise the day regimen and normalize night sleep.
Prolonged sleep
Headache may appear in the morning after too much sleep. Excessive rest, as well as lack of sleep, is completely unhealthy. If a person rests for more than 9 hours, then the amount of serotonin in his body decreases dramatically. Namely, it is considered the hormone of happiness.

Prolonged sleep can lead to depressions and headaches
After a long sleep, the person is faced with a deterioration in mood. Decreased serotonin leads to poor blood circulation in the brain. Against the background of such processes, a headache. Change the situation will analgesic.

In the future, you should carefully monitor sleep patterns. People prone to peresyp, it is better to resort to using the alarm. Over time, the body will get used to fall asleep and wake up at one time.

Endorphin deficiency
This is another type of hormone responsible for happiness. In the morning, the level of endorphins is always reduced. A lack of the hormone of happiness is observed in all people. But each organism reacts differently to such a shortage. Some people don’t even notice the decline in endorphions. Others have a migraine on the background of deficiency.

Doctors explain the appearance of pain as follows. A decrease in endorphins leads to a decrease in the synthesis of other important neurotransmitters. Against the background of such processes in the brain, blood vessels narrow, blood circulation deteriorates, and hypoxia develops.

If in the morning a headache, then doctors recommend starting the day with a charge. Even a small workout will increase the production of endorphins. This means that a headache will pass and the mood will significantly improve.

No coffee
People who regularly drink coffee can feel a headache if they don’t drink an invigorating drink in time. Caffeine activates the nervous system. Its absence can provoke dilation of blood vessels. This will increase the pressure.

Caffeine can be a stimulant for the nervous system.
If you decide to refuse coffee, then do not chop off the shoulder. It is necessary to gradually reduce the dose of the drink, preparing your body to a complete failure. Otherwise, the first time you will be tormented by headaches.

The use of alcohol on the eve
The more alcoholic drinks were drunk yesterday, the stronger the headache in the morning after sleep. But there is such a category of people who have enough to drink quite a bit to feel all the “charms” of a hangover.

Alcohol causes dehydration. Under its action significantly decreases blood circulation. The brain does not receive enough oxygen. In addition, alcoholic beverages seriously impair the quality of sleep. All these factors lead to persistent headache.

You can help the body by the following methods:

drink water to avoid dehydration;
take special hangover pills;
use vitamin C, accelerating the withdrawal of alcohol.
3 reasons when doctors need help
Sometimes the causes of headaches in the morning can be more serious. To cope with them on their own is almost impossible. Therefore, it is better not to hesitate, indirectly contributing to the progression of pathology, but immediately contact the competent doctors.

With prolonged depression, you should consult a doctor.
So why does every morning have a headache? And what can you do?

In the body of a person who is in a depressed state, a low level of “hormones of happiness” is detected. Such patients often experience sleep problems. Insomnia may develop. Or constantly alternate lack of sleep with peresypom. All of these factors lead to regular headaches.

In such cases, one morning gymnastics is indispensable. It requires skilled care and antidepressants.

Do not take drugs without a doctor’s prescription. Some psychotropic drugs can cause headaches in the morning. Therefore, it is important that therapy be controlled by an experienced specialist.

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