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Who and why need to strengthen the vessels

The role of the vascular system in the human body is enormous. It supplies blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrition, to all tissues and organs. Damage to blood vessels, disruptions in the bloodstream cause violations, sometimes fatal.
Who and why need to strengthen the vessels

Weak vessels – what is it?
The role of the vascular system in the human body is enormous. It supplies blood, and therefore oxygen and nutrition, to all tissues and organs. Damage to blood vessels, disruptions in the bloodstream cause violations, sometimes fatal.

Normally, the vessels should be strong, flexible, withstand blood pressure; blood should flow through it without delay.

Unfortunately, vessels are highly susceptible to damaging factors. And as a result, they become thin and fragile, lose their tone, deposits accumulate on their walls (cholesterol plaques), which impede the free flow of blood. In these cases, it is said that the vessels are weak.

What are dangerous weak vessels?
When blood flow is slowed down due to the weakness of the blood vessels, the body, its tissues, organs will receive less oxygen and nutrition. This will affect their work, and consequently, the well-being of a person.

Weak brain vessels

Because of the violation of the integrity of the blood vessels of the brain can happen a stroke
The pathologies of these vessels are the most dangerous. They threaten:

aneurysm – expansion of the vessel and the formation of a cavity filled with blood. Aneurysm can break at any time, causing a cerebral hemorrhage (subarachnoid stroke);
hemorrhagic stroke due to disruption of the integrity of the vessel.
Weak heart vessels

Insufficient vascular tone of the heart leads to various cardiac pathologies, it also affects the whole body. There are:

heart failure;
Ultimately, weak blood vessels can cause myocardial infarction.

Weak vessels of the legs

Weak vessels of the legs
They appear:

pain and swelling in the legs;
the appearance of spider veins and dilated veins;
varicose veins;
thrombophlebitis of the lower extremities;
trophic ulcers.
How to strengthen weak blood vessels
Causes of vascular weakness are unhealthy, poor nutrition, lack of movement, bad habits. Therefore, the first step in strengthening and improving the blood vessels will be a change in lifestyle. Should:

stop smoking, drinking alcohol;
switch to a healthy, balanced diet;
go in for sports or at least just walk more often;
take a contrast shower;
drink enough water.
Drinking regimen will help with strengthening the vessels.
However, if the vessels are already in a neglected state, these measures will not be enough. Then drugs will come to the rescue.

Food to strengthen the vessels
What should be included in the diet?

Vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and microelements

Vitamins that strengthen blood vessels include C and P (rutin). They are found in citrus fruits, sauerkraut, rosehip broth, kiwi, black currants, raspberries, grapes, apples, garlic. Well, if one meal will include only vegetables, fruits or berries. They are best consumed fresh, but you can use frozen foods.

Legumes and cereals

Legumes contribute to the withdrawal of cholesterol and prevent cholesterol plaque from being deposited on the walls of blood vessels. All legumes have these properties, but soy belongs first. In addition, legumes contain a lot of protein, which can replace animal proteins.

Cereals remove toxins
Derive excess cholesterol from bran and some cereals, especially oatmeal. Therefore, cereals must necessarily enter the diet.

Vegetable oil

It is advisable to use olive oil instead of sunflower oil – it contains more vitamins, as well as monounsaturated fatty acids, which reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol and increase the content of “good”.

Fish and seafood

But the meat, unlike fish, should be lean. It is better to prefer poultry, rabbit, lean beef. It is desirable to refuse pork and mutton. Well, lard and mutton fat should be strictly prohibited.

Milk products

Prefer should be whole milk and dairy products and drinks: kefir, ryazhenku, cottage cheese.

Kefir and cottage cheese should be included in the daily ration.
What should be discarded:

sausages, sausages;
canned food;
pickles; pickles;
smoked meat;
sweet pastries, cakes, pastries.
In food, it is necessary to observe moderation, not to overeat. It is advisable to eat at certain hours.

Movement to strengthen the vessels
Physical activity is no less important for strengthening blood vessels than proper nutrition. You can choose any kind of sports, gymnastics, yoga, swimming pool. Everything you like and everything that can.

If there is not enough time for sports activities (strength, willpower, etc.), then you can just walk more.

Do any kind of sport that you like
Very useful walks in the country or in the park, where the air is not poisoned by exhaust gases. So the body is better saturated with oxygen.

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