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Why does the loin hurt?

Complaints of discomfort in the lower back periodically appear in almost every person. Unpleasant sensations can torment over the years or occur from time to time. Do not ignore such signals of the body. Low back pain does not appear by chance, it necessarily has its own reasons. Sometimes completely banal and easily removable. And in some cases – very heavy and serious.

What do back pains mean
The discomfort that occurs in the lower back can be acute and sudden. Such pains usually restrain movement and do not allow to bend the back. People say about them “backache”. Sometimes the discomfort in the back is mild. They can be pulling. In this case, the discomfort gradually increases and practically does not disappear. Of course, these sensations are based on completely different reasons.

If we analyze what lower back pains most often torment people, then the statistics will look like this:

90% – discomfort caused by pathologies of the spine or back muscles;
6% – negative feelings due to kidney disease;
4% – based on lumbar pain, other causes (bowel disease, urogenital system).
Mainly back pain associated with back muscle problems
Independently determine the source of the problem is not easy. And sometimes without a thorough diagnosis is even impossible. Therefore, for people who have low back pain, it is recommended to visit a doctor and determine the exact cause of recurring discomfort.
Causes of lumbar pain
Discomfort in the back may be accompanied by certain symptoms. Sometimes the overall clinical picture can tell the true source of the problem. For example, if pain is combined with hyperthermia, then we are talking about an inflammatory process that requires the immediate intervention of doctors.

Pathology of the musculoskeletal system

Most often, discomfort in the lower back cause pathologies of the musculoskeletal system (ODE).

Hypodynamia, unhealthy diet, excessive stress can trigger the development of a painful attack. In childhood, pathology is caused by improper posture, carrying weights, congenital anomalies.

The most common such diseases and conditions:

1. Scoliosis. Spinal curvature (acquired or congenital) may not disturb the patient for a long time. The pain is usually aching. Without proper treatment, discomfort gradually increases.

Due to diligent physical exertion the lower back can hurt
2. Osteochondrosis. Degenerative-dystrophic pathology, in which the cartilage surfaces of the vertebrae are destroyed. The disease is characterized by periodic pinching of the nerves. It is manifested by acute painful attacks (“lumbago”). Further progression of osteochondrosis can lead to protrusion (protrusion) of intervertebral discs, hernias.

3. Lumbago. This is a condition in which a person has an acute attack of back pain. It appears after improper weight lifting, heavy physical labor. At the heart of lumbago is the destruction of the vertebrae.

4. Sciatica. Irritation of the sciatic nerve is always accompanied by acute pain. Any movement causes increased discomfort. When sciatica patients complain of pain in the lumbar region, giving way to the leg.

5. Spondylosis. The disease is characterized by deformation of the vertebrae. The process of growth of bone tissue begins. Thyroid osteophytes (abnormal bone growths) cause severe discomfort and can lead to spinal deformities.

6. Ankylosing spondylitis. Pathology begins with the inflammatory process occurring in the intervertebral joints. This leads to splicing of the vertebrae (ankylosis). As a result, the mobility of the segments is completely lost. The disease most often affects men.

Ankylosing spondylitis more often affects men
7. Osteomyelitis. Severe pathology, which develops against the background of the defeat of bone tissue by bacteria (streptococci, staphylococci, etc.). The disease can develop at any age. If infectious agents affect the bony tissues of the lower part of the spine, then pain is disturbed in the lower back. Discomfort is accompanied by fever, excessive weakness, sweating, swelling and hyperemia of the affected area.

8. Osteoporosis. Decreased bone density is more common in post-menopausal women. This pathology is caused by impaired metabolism, in which there is a deficiency in the body of calcium and phosphorus.

9. Rheumatoid arthritis. This is an autoimmune disease, based on the inflammatory process. Arthritis affects cartilage, ligament and muscle tissue. Most often, pain occurs not only in the lower back, but also in other joints.

10. Myositis. The inflammatory process in muscle tissue. Most often it is caused by hypothermia or sudden, unsuccessful movement.

ODA diseases require adequate treatment. Therefore, without the help of a doctor is not enough. But before you go to a specialist, it is necessary to eliminate the discomfort. Therefore, you need to remember how to relieve back pain. Analgesics or NSAIDs allow to arrest discomfort.


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