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Is your child’s nervous system ready for school?

The kid is growing not only physically: his nervous system is maturing, so that he can learn, acquire new information, and acquire new skills for school. However, in its development, the brain goes through certain stages that may be critical, and then the help of a pediatric neurologist becomes necessary.

There are certain symptoms that indicate a breakdown in the development of the nervous system, and parents should pay attention to them.

Neurological symptoms that cannot be ignored
Headache. A child’s head may hurt in the morning, after sleeping, or in the evening, or in the afternoon. The pain may affect the temples, the forehead or the back of the head. Along with a headache, a child may experience nausea or vomiting, loss of consciousness. All these features must be remembered – they will help the doctor to make the correct diagnosis.

Sleep disturbances can manifest themselves in different ways: the baby does not sleep well, cannot wake up in the morning. Or he constantly wakes up in the middle of the night. Restless sleep can also be attributed to sleep disorders.
Fainting can also indicate violations of the heart. If the child is prone to fainting, it should be shown to a neurologist and a cardiologist.

Enuresis – daytime or nocturnal incontinence – after three years of age is a clear reason to contact a neurologist, and it doesn’t matter if it happens every day or once a month.

Fatigue should also alert the parents. So, if a child needs to sleep after school to recuperate, he may need the help of a neurologist.

It is necessary to pay attention if the baby reacts to the change in the weather, because weather dependence is characteristic not only for the elderly.

Violations of the process of writing and reading: the omission of letters or even syllables, the “mirroring” of letters, difficulties in distinguishing similar letters — cannot be ignored, they can be caused by failures in brain activity.

Residual cerebral organic insufficiency (РЦОН)
Such a diagnosis today often put children’s neurologists. This pathology is nothing other than residual effects after disturbances in the nervous system that have appeared in the prenatal or early infancy.

РЦОН is characterized by a number of symptoms:

increased intracranial pressure;
tics or unnecessary movements;
This diagnosis is made mainly for children of school age. A doctor should be consulted when:

the child is distracted, forgetful;
he hardly manages (or fails at all) to sit quietly over the whole lesson;
he is easily distracted by external stimuli, completely forgetting what he just did;
he cannot concentrate on the school assignment;

Often, hyperactive children tend to become leaders in the team, but, as a rule, they lack the necessary qualities. They are trying to gain credibility with the help of their fists, and, naturally, they are considered hooligans.

How to prepare a child with neurological disorders for school
Seek help from a specialist, perform all examinations and undergo the prescribed treatment. Prepare for the treatment to be long, you may have to take several courses.
Organize your child a strict regimen of the day and do not depart from it either on weekends or on holidays. The child should go to bed no later than 9 pm. To make him sleep well, do not play noisy and active games with him at night. It is advisable to choose quiet exercises at this time: drawing, reading, but not television or computer games. An asthenic child needs daytime sleep, so it will be easier for him to cope with the exercises.
At the request of the child, take him to extracurricular activities. But do not overdo it: the child needs time to relax, play, communicate with dad and mom. It is desirable that the child was engaged in any sport. For hyperactive children, classes with monotonous loads, such as swimming or running, are suitable. But the sports where competition with a partner (boxing, wrestling) is supposed to be, they should be avoided.
Do not put big tasks for hyperactive children – split them into stages. For example, do not ask your child to clean up the room. It is enough that he first folded his toys. Be sure to praise the child. But it is useless to scold him. Children with hyperactivity do not respond to punishment.
Work on the behavior of the child in contact with the teacher. The teacher should understand that the increased aggressiveness of the child, his desire to lead on him are caused by the nature of his nervous system. He should be given exercises with physical activity and encouraged to carry out the assignments.
When choosing a school for a child, think carefully whether he will cope with the program offered by a particular educational institution, whether it is not difficult for him to study, for example, in a school with in-depth study of any disciplines. Perhaps it is better to enroll in an ordinary school.

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