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Is it possible to combine caffeine and alcohol

A cup of aromatic coffee uplifting, energizing, enhancing attention. A tasty drink, if they are not abused, does not harm the body. Alcohol, by contrast, allows you to relax. What happens when these drinks are combined? Can caffeine be consumed before, during and after drinking alcohol? What are the consequences of such a combination?

The combination of coffee and alcohol: harm or benefit
In the people there is a perception that coffee helps to avoid intoxication, and, if necessary, can quickly sober up. Scientists have completely refuted such a myth. In addition, they revealed enormous damage to the body, with a combination of coffee and alcohol.

Coffee before alcohol

If you drink a cup of coffee for 30 minutes before the feast, the drink will be quite useful. It will significantly reduce the harm of ethanol on the body. Caffeine, drunk before taking alcohol, will launch the production of special components in the liver, which quickly and actively break down alcohol.

For 30 minutes it is useful to drink a cup of coffee with milk.
Especially useful before eating coffee with the addition of cream. Milk fats provide enveloping walls of the digestive tract. Due to this, the flow of ethanol into the blood through the walls of the stomach and intestines will be significantly reduced.

Simultaneous intake of two drinks

The combination of aromatic coffee with brandy is considered a classic combination. However, it carries a serious health risk. After all, these drinks affect the body in completely different ways.

It is not only about brewed or instant coffee. No less dangerous for the body is the combination of caffeine tablets with alcohol. In addition, some soda contains a significant amount of caffeine (for example, Coca-Cola).
Coffee contributes to:

body arousal;
pressure increase;
And alcohol provides:

calming the nervous system;
pressure reduction;
dilation of blood vessels.
Ice skate coffee incompatible
An organism that simultaneously experiences two completely opposite effects faces excessive loads. This adversely affects the state of the central nervous system, blood vessels, heart.

Coffee after alcohol

Can an invigorating drink help sober up? Unfortunately, this is another common myth that often leads to dire consequences. Drinking a drink gives an illusory feeling of sobriety, leading to wrong decisions (for example, get behind the wheel).

What are the health effects of such a combination of alcohol and caffeine? Doctors give a list of complications that may arise when using two completely opposite drinks. Among them:

sudden increase in pulse rate;
development of arrhythmia or tachycardia;
gradual destruction of the vascular walls;
development of hypertension, hypotension;
increased production of acids in the digestive tract (this can lead to the development of gastritis, ulcers);
appearance of predisposition to atherosclerosis;
strengthening the work of the heart;
excessive excitation of the nervous system;
development of anxiety, nervousness, insomnia;
the appearance of headaches.
People, often practicing a dangerous tandem, are usually at risk of developing heart attacks and strokes.
“Explosive” combination
Smokers love to combine alcohol and coffee with smoking a cigarette. And not one of them even wants to think that such a tradition is very harmful to health. What happens in the body if nicotine is added to alcohol and caffeine?

The combination of cigarettes, alcohol and caffeine can cause irreparable harm to health.
Load on the heart

Nicotine causes an increase in heart rate. This further complicates the work of the myocardium. Arrhythmia is increasing. Blood vessels, narrowed by the action of coffee, begin to expand under the flow of blood. This can lead to rupture of a weakened wall.

Damage to the digestive tract

In response to increased secretion production, the body produces special substances (bicarbonates) that reduce the harm of acid to the digestive system. Under the action of nicotine, bicarbonate synthesis is significantly reduced. Starts the development of ulcerative lesions, biliary dyskinesia, esophagitis, ileitis.

Depletion of the nervous system

Constant pressure surges, excessive stress on the heart, blood vessels lead to a deterioration of the brain and nervous system. Over time, severe headaches appear, irritability develops, and periods of severe depression can occur. Some people experience sudden syncope.

What lovers of alcoholic energy drinks need to know
Caffeine or alcohol became common in various foods. Manufacturers produce sweets with liqueur, brandy or regular alcohol. Cafe visitors are offered to drink a cup of Irish “Irish” coffee, including whiskey. The changes affected the release of power engineers. Advanced manufacturers have launched products that combine caffeine sodium benzoate and alcohol.

Alcoholic energy is very dangerous for the nervous system and the body as a whole.

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